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Managed Service Provision

Service & Support

Next generation IT Service revolves around automation and efficiency. Our Client Portal allows you to make immediate service requests, to submit screenshots or describe the priority of response you need. Through the advanced endpoint Tools we use for each customer, these problems will be Triaged & Resolutions proposed or implemented.

Our Online Shop & Quotation Portal provides you access to an entire world of Information Technology Hardware and Software, as well as your own interactive digital quotations on our project and services that you have asked us to provide.

Client Portal

Service, support and project updatess are all located within your personal portal. Completed tickets can be viewed including our Engineers findings and proposed solutions. Once Invoiced you may pay your invoices and locate past account information.

Shop & Quotation Portal

Project Proposals and your Quotations can be considered and approved online.

From Hardware, Software and Licensing to Network cables, adapters and consumables, our access to official supply channels are provided to our clients.

With the advantage of no middle-men, our clients often benefit from expanded selection of otherwise unaccessable products, or gain pricing advantages through us dealing direct with the National Distributors of our major brands.

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